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About SARA

Well, here I am after 13 years in the Hair, Beauty, Health and Wellness industry. I have worked on two cruise ships and traveled the world with over 40 countries under my belt, picking up so many new, exciting and interesting things about hair and beauty along the way. How different cultures look after themselves and the rituals that some abide by to look and stay looking young forever. 

Along with my daughter, we have come to settle down here in the sunny Bay of Plenty, in Tauranga, where we call home. With a great help and support from family and friends, we conquer the world together, just me and my little munchkin. 

I have a huge passion for the hairdressing industry. I am all about long, beautiful and healthy looking hair and helping you create a style that will make you feel a million dollars while showing you how you can take care of it at home.

Feel free to ask me anything about anything that you’d love to find out. 

Stay Blessed